The Ancient Barrows


Adventure awaits! North of the Longshadow Plains, and farther north still of theb usy hamlet of Aelder’s Ferry lies a chain of old and bleak hills, windswept and covered with low crops of weathered trees and tall blades of dry, yellow grass. After long days of travel through the wilderness you glimpse one hill in the distance larger than the rest, topped by a giant menhir. Even from the distance you can see ancient runes chiselled deep into its surface. Foreboding it stands, daring you to come closer. As you approach it, you notice that it’s surrounded by smaller hills, all topped by weathered, bright stones, and at the center stands an entrance leading underground, into darkness, like a giant maw. Others have made camp here too, and recently. Explorers, maybe. Grave robbers, more likely, you think. You summon your courage and stride forward, ready to find out what secret the Ancient Barrows hold…

The Ancient Barrows provides you with a 30×30 encounter and dungeon map, consisting of two large underground and one surface level. It comes as print-ready PDFs as well as high-quality JPG images optimized for use with VTT programs.