The Snoring Dragon Inn


Adventure awaits! Travellers from all across the realm find shelter on their journeys in the Snoring Dragon Inn. Warm and dry rooms, cold ale, singing bards, and news and rumors from near and far are what the weary adventurer can find here. And maybe even some easy coin…

The Snoring Dragon Inn presents you with a print-ready, full-size and highly detailed three floor inn (cellar, ground floor and second floor) in both day and night versions, 1-inch grid versions included. For use with common VTT programs high quality JPGs in the most common resolution of 70dpi are also included in the archive file. The in can serve as a hub for your adventurers, a simple stop on their travels, a convenient place to throw out adventure hooks, or a self-contained place for adventures in and by itself. To that end the map does include a number of easy hooks you can use, like the brokenwalls in the cellar or the wildly different guestrooms on the second floor.