Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do you complete commissions?

This depends as much on my current workload as on the type of map you have in mind, and can vary from anywhere between one week to three months or more. When I provide you with a quote for your project, a preliminary timeframe based on experience will be included. If you are pressed for time it may be possible in certain situations to reschedule other clients, though this is dependent on their cooperation and will incurr a surcharge.

Can you provide prints of my commissioned map?

I do not offer in-house printing services for maps. However, unless specifically requested otherwise my maps will always be created at print-quality resolutions of 300 dpi or greater.

What kind of maps can make for me?

My main focus lies on maps for novels, games, RPGs, and tabletop games. I’m comfortable doing both fantasy and science-fiction maps in several different styles and I don’t shy away from learning new techniques.

What medium are your maps?

My maps are created digitally, but are drawn by hand using a stylus and graphics tablet. Every map is unique, hand-illustrated, and tailored to your specifications. However, if you are simply looking for a quick and easy way to get your creative juices flowing or supplement your stories and game, I do offer a wide variety of pre-made maps at fair prices in my webshop.

You created a map for me, but now that it’s done I realized I still need some changes. Can you do this?

Creating your map is a process of active communication. I will be in touch with work-in-progress images at different stages for you to check, revise and approve, so I’m confident together we will be able to make any changes that need to be made before the commission is completed.

Still, should you need changes done after we have already concluded the commission, don’t worry! For a fee (how much depends on the extent of the revision you desire) changes can always be made lateron.

Do I get the copyright for the map?

Unless specifically requested I retain the copyright of the maps I have created. This includes the right to showcase the map in my portfolio(s) and sell it as prints. Unless requested otherwise by you, once the commission is concluded I will upload it to my gallery/galleries.

If your map is meant for a commercial venture – for example, a (self-) published novel, a game, a RPG publication – you will receive the commercial rights to the piece for a surcharge of 30% of the commission price given to you in my preliminary price quote. This means you as the client will be able to use the map as in your product without the obligation to pay royalties, and you will be able to give away free prints to your readers.

I do not provide the original, layered work files of my projects except by special request, at an additional fee. Full copyright, resale rights, and layered files may be sold at an additional fee. Please view my Terms & Conditions for more information.

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