The Crypt of Arannor


Adventure awaits! When you came to the hamlet of Aelder’s Ferry visiting the local cemetary wasn’t high on your priority list. But walking through the village, you happen about a mob of outraged villagers who have cornered what looks to be the hamlet’s mayor. The elderly female halfling stubbornly holds her ground, but you quickly find out the grim reason for the commotion. Graves on the local cemetary have been desecrated, and during the night ghostly lights haunt the grounds while the midnight breeze carries with it low moans. The mayor catches sight of you and calls out for your help in the matter, promising you a reward in gold and the lasting goodwill of the people of Aelder’s Ferry. She tells you a few others have already gone down into one of the crypts. It’s one of the oldest on the cemetary, belonging to one of the hamlet’s founding fathers: the Crypt of Arannor.

The Crypt of Arannor is a 36×24 inches encounter map of a large dungeon filled with traps, riches, and dangers. It is provided as printable PDFs as well as high-quality JPG files optimized for VTT use, both with and without grids, with and without labels, and as a printer-friendly grayscale version.