Roadside Ambush


Adventure awaits! As you and your friends travel on the beaten dirt road through the forest, the birds and beasts of the woods suddenly fall quiet. It takes you a few moments to realize as much, and while you are still wondering you leave a turn in the road to find it blocked by a cart. An arrow zips past your heads, burrowing deep in the trunk of a nearby elm. With a hoarse war cry, the bandits are upon you! But this is no mere hold-up! The ruins of a tower peak through the trees not far away, and there’s the smoke of a fireplace drifting towards you. Your assailants have set up camp here!

The ROADSIDE AMBUSH encounter map set is ideal as a filler episode in your campaign or to start a new storyline on its own.

Maybe these aren’t common thieves, but rebels against the oppressive local noble? Maybe there is more going on than meets the eye? The ROADSIDE AMBUSH encounter map comes in fully colored day & night versions. To allow for tactical combat, versions with grids for your miniatures are included. Provided file formats in this set are print-PDFs well as JPGs optimized for VTT play.