Tainted Temple


Adventure awaits! Sitting Located right at the center of the bustling town of Brightmeadows close to the feet of the baron’s castle, the local lawful good guardian deity’s temple rises high above the roofs of the nearby merchant houses and taverns. Flanked by high marble pillars the believers flock to the head priests sermons and pay their respects to their gods. But some have started to whisper that strange events are afoot. Novices have gone missing. Bathed in golden light, he priest smiles at you as you come to investigate, but the smile is just skin deep. At the edge of your hearing you think there are faint screams of agony between the liturgies and bells, coming from down below…

The TAINTED TEMPLE Encounter Map Set contains a surface temple structure plus two undergound levels, including a cultist lair and a sacrificial pit where you can meet and fight the main antagonist of your choice. Each map is 20×20 inches, with one inch equalling five feet. The files are provided as high quality JPGs ready for VTT use, and as as print-ready PDF files.