Kalandra – Variable Continent Map


The CONTINENT OF KALANDRA Map Set contains a three variations of a continent-sized map ideal for prolongued campaigns. Besides the fully fledged map of the titular continent, ready for you to jump in, the set provides three different configurations of the same continent for you to fill with names and places of your own design: a) a temperate version of the map, b) a desert version , complete with a vast sea of sand dunes; c) a norse version, with large swaths of the lands covered thick coniferous forests and blanketed under a layer of snow and ice; These three maps are supplied in a total of eighteen variants, each attributing for factors like rhumb lines for seafaring navigation, decorative map frames, and the ability to place your own name for the continent in a prepared decorative spot. Additionally, tokens for 5 different locales are included (capital, town, castle, ruin, point of interest) as well as a compass rose. All versions are supplied as high quality JPGs and print-ready PDF files (A4 size).