Fey Tree Crossroads


Adventure awaits! Or just a calm night’s rest at the Fey Tree Crossroads. Visible even from afar, the white-barked Fey Tree stands tall and white at the junction of two roads. When you approach it, the sight of a prepared fireplace greets you under the cover of thick branches and softly swaying leaves. But on a different thick branch, a more gruesome scene unfolds as the bones of the infamous bandit Harrod the Red rot away in a rusty cast-iron cage dangling in the wind, serving as a warning to all who seek to follow in his footsteps. Nearby travellers also speak of blue lights dancing around the tree in moonlit nights, and two heavy rocks with strange glyphs stand rooted in front of a deep gash in the old tree’s thick hide…

The FEY TREE CROSSROADS contains a mystic camp site for travellers as day and night versions, print ready with 1-inch grids & labels as PDF files. All files are also provided in a VTT-ready resolution for your online tabletop rounds.