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Who am I?
Hello there, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’ve been a fan of fantasy and science fiction stories for as long as I can remember, having started – like so many others – with Lord of the Rings and classic pen & paper RPGs. My love of mythic and alien places has lead to the desire to bring them to life, which is what I do in my maps. And I can do it for you, too!

My Experience
For more than half a decade I have helped publishers, authors, or simply people like you and me who wanted to bring their role-playing group’s campaign to life by drawing their worlds for them, the way they see them.
Almost everything you’ll find here has been uniquely hand-drawn using nothing but a Wacom Intous tablet & my imagination, building upon years of experience.

Bringing your world to life is my passion. Whether it’s a map for your novel, the epic setting of your D&D campaign, battlemaps, or a smuggler’s hide-out in a giant red star’s asteroid belt – I want to share my creativity with you, and bring life to your ideas. So please go ahead and check out my portfolio. Read what former clients have to say.
And don’t hesitate to contact me with your project!

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