Adventure awaits! Travel to the cozy streets of DUSKTOWN, a well-defended, mid-sized trade settlement ruled by the Barons if Craithe. Commerce moves across the river and along the eastern road, wjere bandits and river pirates ply their trade. Weird lights and noises echo from the Hundredfold Caverns to the south-west. The Ruined Tower at the edge of the forest is said to be haunted. The grave diggers speak in hushed tones of strange sights between the crypts at dawn. And there is a whisphered rumor making the rounds in the smal roads off the boulevard that the dead of Hangman’s Hill will rise with the new moon to have their revenge on the living.

Dusktown is a high-quality, colored town map that you can use as an easy means to set up an adventure or bolster your campaigns. The example labels are for a Dungeons and Dragons setting, however additionally to that version this package also provides you with versions without labels, without labels and the sigil, and completely without any decorations at all. Additionally you get each version as a day & night version.